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About Us

When nature becomes the need of the hour,
Mayon’s becomes the natural pick.

mayons-about-imgWhen it’s close to four decades of dedicated work, research and manufacturing of healthy medicinal & herbal products, the prepared ground is understandably too big to even begin to talk about it. Let’s just suffice it to say that if Mayon’s Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has stood fast these many years, it’s only because of the blessings of Maulane Malik Saheb, and our commitment to readily make available products that effectively and naturally respond to the shifting health concerns of the incredible people that make our modern world – You!

And your mention would only be half-hearted on our part, if we do not thank you for continually giving us reasons to innovate and develop pure and side-effects-free products that define the trusted image of the brand – Mayon’s – that we are today! So, yes, we are indeed grateful!

Now that the curtain has lifted on you, the story of Mayon’s has begun too! Read on!



Be it infants, teenagers, adults or the very elderly, gentle healing is what each one of us needs. Mayon’s products have alternative and holistic medicine theory – Homeopathy – on its side.

This is the reason why our products are unique formulations of herbal and botanical extracts that call upon body’s natural defense, detoxify the system, restore balance, and rejuvenate mind & body thoroughly and tenderly. Over limitless conventional and complicated medicines hence, Mayon’s turns out to be an innate and a just choice!




Here is a wide range of products we provide

Health Care

One natural solution to every ailing, Alfalfa, Ferrum Lacticum


Let your skin breathe – choose Nature over chemicals

Speciality Products

Because from time to time, we all need caring once special and crucial


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Daily use of Mayons EvesCare hygiene Gel is effective for women suffering from vaginal dryness. This fragrant and gentle lubricating gel enhances pleasure and comfort during sexual intercourse

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Mayons EvesCare Wash is a foaming vaginal wash, enriched with Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree Oil which leaves a fresh sensation and prevents unpleasant odor & irritations in the vaginal zone.

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Eves Care is a unique blend of natural ingredients developed for rejuvenation & tightening of vagina along with antiseptic and lubrication properties. It naturally improves the tone

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The Mayons BD Toner is carefully formulated to enhance under-developed and malnournished breasts. It improves the breast shape, tightens the breast tissues and uplifts saggy breasts naturally.

Our Special Products